Colombian industry 4.0, as creative as its origin

Industrias 4.0 de Colombia, un origen que crea.

Colombia has a strong potential to become a competitive hub for the advertising sector, and Bogotá and Medellín are leading the country’s Industry 4.0 consolidation.

The Colombian 4.0 industries are going through a great moment. Supported by the government and independent allies, this hub has shown its potential in allowing people and companies to overcome the pandemic. For several economic sectors, the connection with the Information Technology and Creative Industries will always bring value, adding the innovative and creative perspectives needed in today’s world.


Colombian Industry 4.0

Different sectors are set to converge on the Colombian 4.0 industries with an assembly of products and services created and tailored to meet client needs. The professional talent and sheer creative power in this area is a significant motivating factor when considering business in Colombia. These are the industries growing at a fast pace while developing new solutions and enriching the country’s exportable offers:


Graphic communication and Publishing

Software development and IT Services

BPO Services

Audiovisual Production


Colombian cities at the heart of 4.0 Industries

Colombia’s tech and innovation ecosystems have two pillars in Bogotá and Medellín. These urban centers are focal points for the 4.0 Industries and have successfully attracted foreign partners and clients, becoming crucial for the country’s economic reactivation.

Bogotá, a strong startup hub

Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, was featured as the second-largest Latin American Emerging Ecosystem on the Top 100 Emerging Ecosystem Rankings in 2021. The ranking, produced by the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) of international platform Startup Genome, measures the value of various startup hubs. According to the ranking, as reported by Invest in Bogotá, startups in Bogotá raised US$1.76 billion between 2010 and 2019; this is the second-highest figure of those raised in any city in the region during this period.

Clustering a wide diversity of companies, Bogotá also supports the IT Industry with the Innovation, Technology, and Creative Industries Fund. This fund is allocating resources of US $2.8 million from financing companies focused on blockchain technology, innovation design, and green business, among other areas.

Medellín, a world-class smart city

Colombia’s second-largest city, Medellín, is now the first to host a Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Latin America. Medellín’s emergence as a “smart city” is supported by its innovative environment and the consistent effort between education, social innovation, tech-lead businesses, and the creative sector.

Moreover, the Smart City Index 2020 report, produced by the Institute for Management Development, showcased Medellin as the leading smart city in Latin America, overcoming places like Buenos Aires and Mexico City. This is a resounding acknowledgment of the city’s technological provisions on areas such as health, mobility, safety, activities, opportunities, and governance.

Colombian Industry 4.0 is prepared to meet the international demand for quality products, and services. Find the ready-to-export offer of this sector in the Colombian B2B Marketplace, here.